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 Aktuelle Forschungsprojekte

  • MixForChange: Mixed Forest plantations for climate Change mitigation and adaptation
  • CAMBIO: The role of tree diversity in countering climate change
  • Dr.Forest: Diversity of forests affecting human health
  • W³: Win-Win im Weinberg - innovatives, ökologisches und ökonomisches Weinbergsmanagmenet mit extensiver Schafbeweidung (s.a hier)
  • ConFoBi: Conservation of Forest Biodiversity in Multi-Use Landscapes of Central Europe
  • IDENT-Freiburg (International Diversity Experiment Network with Trees)

  • ECOLINK-SALIX (Linking individual plant traits to ecosystem processes using a willow model system)

  • FunDivEUROPE (The Functional significance of forest bioDiversity in EUROPE), EU Framework Programme VII. Coordinator. Hier gibt es eine Auswahl von Videos zu diesem Projekt.

  • BIOTREE (Biodiversity and Ecosystem Processes of Experimental Tree Stands)

  • The Jena Experiment (DFG-Research Unit "The role of biodiversity for element cycling and trophic interactions“)


 Abgelaufene Forschungsprojekte

  • HILLSCAPE: HILLSlope Chronosequence And Process Evolution)
  • SoilForEUROPE: Predicting European forest soil biodiversity and its functioning under ongoing climate change.
  • BEsound (Die Beziehung zwischen Landnutzungsintensität, organismischer Diversität und akustischer Komplexität)
  • Hochdivers-KUP (Nutzung von Baum-Diversität zur Erhöhung der Produktivität und ökologischen Stabilität von Kurzumtriebsplantagen)
  • DIVERFOR (Functional implications of inter- vs. intraspecific trait DIVERrsity in European FORests), Marie-Curie Action

  • smallFOREST (Biodiversity and ecosystem services of small forest fragments in European landscapes), BiodivERsA, EU Framework Programme VII.

  • BEF CHINA (DFG-Reseacrh Unit "Forest Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning in China"): The functional significance of forest diversity: N-pools, fluxes and N-uptake complementarity. Decomposition and nutrient cycling.

  • FUN_DIV (Functional significance of tree diversity for nutrient dynamics in a tropical plantation) within The Sardinilla Project

  • AlpFUTUR (The effect of management intensity and natural variability on ecosystem services in alpine pastures)

  • BACCARA (Biodiversity And Climate Change, A Risk Analysis). EU Framework Programme VII. "Effects of forest biodiversity on ecosystem functioning"

  •  NCCR Climate: WP3.1 Plant Soil Interactions, subproject PLANT/SOIL

  • SPATEX (Spatial pattern and complementary resource use – Experimentally testing the influence of plant aggregation on biodiversity effects)

  • NICHE (Neutral vs. niche-structured communities: testing for resource partitioning by plants)

  • Functional and phytosociological characterisation of vegetation at ETH Research Station Alp Weissenstein

  • NICOLA (Niche differentiation and plant coexistence and in alpine pastures under changing land use)

  • BIODEPTH (Biodiversity and Ecological Processes in Terrestrial Herbaceous Ecosystems)


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