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B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses

There are primarily two overarching topics in which BSc theses done in the Department of Geobotany can be classified. Theses can either be carried out in the field or in the lab under controlled conditions.

The topics for theses are defined by supervisors at the beginning of the Project Modules in the summer semester. Some of the topics are:

A. Vegetation Science

  • Landscape mapping of biotopes, diversity, or species with the help of aerial photography and GIS
  • Change of site characteristics with small-scale vegetation changes
  • Diversity and characteristics of vegetation types and comparison with historical “records”


B. Plant Ecology and Biodiversity

  • Effect of diversity, density, and competition on ecological processes such as growth, litter decomposition, and nutrient uptake
  • Influence of site conditions (soil, microclimnate) on vegetation and ecosystem processes.
  • Comparison of methodologies to quantify ecosystem processes in model systems.


For MSc. thesis topics, please contact Prof. Scherer-Lorenzen, or PD Dr. Ludemann.



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