Prof. Dr. Michael Scherer-Lorenzen

Professur Geobotanik

 Foto: Jürgen Gocke



 Curriculum Vitae


 Research Interests

 In my current research I aim to mechanistically understand the biotic control of ecological processes and how global change drivers - such as climate change, land use change, nitrogen deposition, or invasive species - are interacting with this control at various temporal and spatial scales.

  Within this field I focus on the functional role of biodiversity for biogeochemical cycles, especially in forest ecosystems.

  In addition to this process-orientated basic research, I consider applied aspects by quantifying the relationship between ecosystem functioning and the delivery of ecological goods and services.

 I am further interested in the relations between biodiversity and human health, and I am coordinating the European project Dr.FOREST. I also coordinated the EU Framework Programme VII project FunDivEUROPE, which aims to quantify the role of forest biodiversity for ecosystem functioning and the delivery of goods and services in major European forest types.

 More recently, I started new projects in Soundscape Ecology, i.e. the study of acoustic signatures within ecosystems and landscapes. Here, we focus on the effect of land use intensity on acoustic diversity of grassland and forest ecosystems.


 Current Research Projects

  • Dr.FOREST (Diversity of FORESTs affecting human health), BiodivERsA call 2018)

  • ConFoBi (Conservation of Forest Biodiversity in Multiple-Use Landscapes of Central Europe), DFG Research Training Group, GRK 2123

  • SoilForEUROPE (Predicting European forest soil biodiversity and its functioning under ongoing climate change), BiodivERsA call 2015-16

  • HILLSCAPE (Hillslope Chronosequence and Process Evolution)

  • IDENT-Freiburg (International Diversity Experiment Network with Trees)

  • ECOLINK-SALIX (Linking individual plant traits to ecosystem processes using a willow model system)
  • HighDiv-SRC (High-Diversity Short Rotation Coppice systems)
  • FunDivEUROPE (The Functional significance of forest bioDiversity in EUROPE), EU Framework Programme VII. Coordinator

  • smallFOREST (Biodiversity and ecosystem services of small forest fragments in European landscapes), BiodivERsA, EU Framework Programme VII.

  • IDENT (International Diversity Experiment Network with Trees, within the global TreeDivNet network)
  • BEF CHINA DFG-Reseacrh Unit "Forest Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning in China"): The functional significance of forest diversity: N-pools, fluxes and N-uptake complementarity. Decomposition and nutrient cycling.

  • BEsound project within the Biodiversity Exploratories: The relationships between land use intensity, organismic diversity and acoustic complexity

  • BIOTREE (Biodiversity and Ecosystem Processes of Experimental Tree Stands)

  • FUN_DIV (Functional significance of tree diversity for nutrient dynamics in a tropical plantation) within The Sardinilla Project



 Past Research Projects

  • The Jena Experiment (DFG-Research Unit "The role of biodiversity for element cycling and trophic interactions“)
  • AlpFUTUR (The effect of management intensity and natural variability on ecosystem services in alpine pastures)
  • BACCARA (Biodiversity And Climate Change, A Risk Analysis). EU Framework Programme VII. "Effects of forest biodiversity on ecosystem functioning"
  • BIODEPTH (Biodiversity and Ecological Processes in Terrestrial Herbaceous Ecosystems)

  • CLIMATE CHANGE project within the Biodiversity Exploratories: Biodiversity controls of climate change effects on biogeochemical processes

  • IMEXCLIME (IMpacts of EXtreme CLIMatic Events on ecosystem functioning in alpine grasslands)

  • NICHE (Neutral vs. niche-structured communities: testing for resource partitioning by plants)

  • Functional and phytosociological characterisation of vegetation at ETH Research Station Alp Weissenstein

  • NICOLA (Niche differentiation and plant coexistence and in alpine pastures under changing land use)

  • SPATEX (Spatial pattern and complementary resource use – Experimentally testing the influence of plant aggregation on biodiversity effects)



  I am teaching in both the BSc.- and the MSc.-Programmes in Biology.




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Peer Reviewed Journal Publications


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