Teilnehmer Simplon 2014 quer

Participants of the Elective Module Geobotanical Excursions, Switzerland, July 2014.


Ecological questions play an important role both at a national (e.g. environmental impact assessments) and European level (e.g. Natura 2000). Sustainable use of our natural resources are key aspects of Germany’s foreign policy for international cooperation. This opens career opportunities for competent ecologists at the national and international level. Furthermore, competence in ecology is an essential skill for biology teachers since ecology is a fixed component of the secondary school curriculum.   

Further information about the academic studies, course program and detailed information about the teaching at the Faculty of Biology is available here:

Teaching BSc.-Biology

Teaching MSc.-Biology


You can find a detailed description of the offered courses in the module handbook.


You can get an impression about our teaching activities in these Youtube videos: Spezialisation Module Geobotany BSc.  and Major Module Ecology & Evolutionary Biology MSc.


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