Technical Infrastructure

Ecological field work

The following specialized equipment is available:

  • Walz GFS-3000 Gas-exchange System
  • Decagon SC-1 Leaf-Porometer
  • CCM-300 Chlorophyll Content Meter
  • ASD FieldSpec 4 Wide-Resolution
  • Licor LAI-2000/2200 Canopy Analyzers
  • Decagon LP-80 AccuPAR Light Measurement-System
  • CropScan NDVI Multispectral Radiometer System
  • PP-System Soil Respiration Chamber with Infrared-Gasanalyzer
  • Delta-T and Decagon Soil Moisture Sensors and Data Logger
  • Testo 890 Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Octocopter UAV with Hyperspectral Imaging
  • Laser Rangefinder TruPulse 360R
  • Soil sampling equipment



The following analytic equipment is available in our lab:

  • Elementar vario EL cube Elemental analyser (CN)
  • ICP-OES Spectroblue EOP TI
  • Biotek Microplate Reader
  • Spectrophotometer
  • CEM Microwave - digestion system
  • Mettler Micro-Analysis scales


Greenhouse, climate chamber 

Fully climate controlled growth chamber with high-CO2 option, and greenhouses. 

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