Raquel Benavides

Marie Curie Postdoc



 Current Research Projects


2013-2015          Functional implications of inter. vs. intraspecific trait diversity in European forests DIVERFOR. Marie Curie Project (FP7). PI: Raquel Benavides (University of Freiburg)


 Past Research Projects


 2001-2003      Ecological restoration in high stressed environment: gypsum outcrops in semiarid conditions. Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain).Spanish Ministry of Science and Education. PI: Dr. Adrián Escudero Alcántara (UPM)

2001-2003           Goat use for the diversification and for added values obtaining in extensive management of livestock systems. SERIDA (Spain), INIA. PI: Dr. Koldo Osoro (SERIDA).

2002-2005           Integrating foraging attributes of domestic livestock breeds into sustainable systems for grassland biodiversity and wider countryside benefits. SERIDA (SPAIN). European Union. PI: Dr. Andrew J. Rook, Co-PI: Dr. Koldo Osoro (SERIDA).

2004-2007  Study of grazing management strategies in heath-gorse communities for the sustainable development of livestock production systems and biodiversity enhancement. SERIDA (Spain). Spanish Ministry of Science and Education,. PI: Dr. Koldo Osoro (SERIDA).

2007-2009     The dehesa agroforestry system as a carbon sink: towards a combined model of vegetation and soil. INIA (Spain). National Program of Agro-food Resources and Technology. PI: Dr. Sonia Roig Gómez (INIA).

2009-2011    Holm oak dehesas and coppices in Mediterranean Spain: management proposals for the sustainability of two paradigmatic forest systems. INIA (Spain). Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. PI: Dr. Sonia Roig Gómez (INIA).

2009-2014      Mediterranean Woodlands and Climate Change. Ministry of Science and Innovation (Spain). Dr. Javier Retana (CREAF).

2010-2013        Restoration and Conservation of ecosystems of Madrid: response against global change. REMEDINAL2 -CM (S2009/AMB-1783). “I+D” Activities Programme of the Autonomous Community of Madrid. PI: Dr. A. Escudero (URJC).

2010-2014    Functional significance of forest biodiversity in Europe. CE: FP7-ENV-2010. Project number 265171.PI: Dr. Michael Scherer-Lorenzen (University of Freiburg).



 Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

van der Plas, F., Soliveres, S., Manning, P., […], Benavides, R., et al. 2016 Biotic homogenization is more detrimental than local species loss for landscape-scale forest multifunctionality. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113 (13): 3557–3562 doi: 10.1073/pnas.1517903113


van der Plas, F., Soliveres, S.,  Manning, P., […],  Benavides, R., et al. 2016 Jack-of-all-trades’ effects drive biodiversity-ecosystem multifunctionality relationships. Nature Communications 7, No.    11109. doi:10.1038/ncomms11109.


Herguido, E., Granda, E., Benavides, R., García-Cervigón, et al. 2016. Contrasting growth and mortality responses to climate warming of two pine species coexisting in a continental Mediterranean ecosystem. Forest Ecology and Management 363, 149-158.


Benavides, R., Escudero, A., Coll, L., Ferrandis, P., et al. 2016. Recruitment patterns of four tree species along elevation gradients in Mediterranean mountains: not only climate matters. Forest Ecology and Management 360, 287-296.


Benavides, R., Escudero, A., Coll, L., Ferrandis, P., Gouriveau, F., et al. (2015). Survival vs. growth trade-off in early recruitment challenges global warming impacts on Mediterranean mountain trees. Perspectives in Plant Ecology Evolution and Systematics  (in press) doi: 10.1016/j.ppees.2015.06.004


Alonso-Ponce, R., García-Del Barrio, J.M., Benavides, R., Roig, S. (2014) Species richness and similarity of vascular plants in the Spanish dehesas at two spatial scales. Forest Systems 23(1): 111-119


Ferreira, L.M.M, Celaya, R., Benavides, R., Jáuregui, B.M., García, U., Santos, A.S., Rosa García, R., Rodrigues, A.M.M, Osoro, K. (2013). Foraging behaviour of domestic herbivore species grazing on heathlands associated with improved pasture areas. Livestock Science 155: 373-383.


Lander, L., Verheyen, K., Wirth, C., Bruelheide, H., Bussotti, F., Finér, L., Jaroszewicz, B., Selvi, F., Valladares, F., Allan, E., Ampoorter, E., Auge, H., Avăcăriței, D., Barbaro, L., Bărnoaiea, I., Bauhus, J., Beinhoff, C., Benavides, R., et al. (2013). A novel comparative research platform designed to determine the functional significance of tree species diversity in European forests. Perspectives in Plant Ecology Evolution and Systematics 15(5):281-291


Rabasa, S. G., Granda, E., Benavides, R., Kunstler, G., Espelta, J.M., Ogaya, R., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Gil, W., Grodzki, W., Ambrozy, S., Jonsson, L., Hódar, J.A., Zamora, R. & Valladares, F. (2013). Disparity in elevational shifts of European trees in response to recent climate warming.  Global Change Biology doi: 10.1111/gcb.12220.


Benavides, R., Rabasa, S.G., Granda, E., Escudero, A., Hódar, J.A., Martínez-Vilalta, J., Zamora, R., Valladares, F. (2013) Direct and indirect effects of climate on demography and early growth of Pinus sylvestris at the rear edge: changing roles of biotic and abiotic factors. PLoS ONE 8(3): e59824. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0059824


Vázquez- Piqué, J., Alejano Monge, R., Benavides Calvo, R., Martín Pérez, D., López-Carrasco, C., Macías Fernández, R., González-Pérez, M.A., Mutke Regneri, S., Roig Gómez, S. (2012) Influencia del clima y la humedad del suelo en la fenología del crecimiento secundario de encina (Quercus ilex L. subsp. ballota [Desf.] Samp.) en un gradiente climático peninsular. Cuaderno de la Sociedad Española de Ciencias Forestales  35: 25-133


Simón, N., Montes, F., Díaz-Pinés, E., Benavides, R., Roig, S. & Rubio, A. (2012) Spatial distribution of soil carbon pool in a Holm oak dehesa in Spain. Plant and Soil (DOI 10.1007/s11104-012-1443-9null012-1443-9)


Ameztegui, A., Coll, L., Benavides, R., Valladares, F., Paquette, A. (2012). Understory light predictions in mixed conifer mountain forests: Role of aspect-induced variation in crown geometry and openness. Forest Ecology and Management 276: 52–61


Celaya, R., Jáuregui, B.M., Rosa-García, R., Benavides, R., García, U. & Osoro, K. (2010) Changes in heathland vegetation under goat grazing: effects of breed and stocking rate. Applied Vegetation Science 13: 125-134


Benavides, R., Roig, S. & Osoro, K. (2009). Potential productivity of forested areas based on a biophysical model. A case study of a mountainous region in northern Spain. Annals of Forest Science 66: 108-118


McIvor, I.R, Douglas, G.B. & Benavides, R. (2009). Structural root growth of Veronese poplar trees varies with position on an erodible slope in New Zealand. Agroforestry Systems 76: 251-264.


Benavides, R., Douglas, G. & Osoro, K. (2009). Silvopastoralism in New Zealand: review of effects of evergreen and deciduous trees on pasture dynamics. Agroforestry Systems 76:327-350


Benavides R., Celaya R., Ferreira L.M.M., Jáuregui B.M., García U. & Osoro K. (2009). Grazing behaviour of domestic ruminants according to flock type and subsequent vegetation changes on partially improved gorse-heather shrublands. Spanish Journal of Agricultural Science 7 (2): 417-430


Celaya, R., Benavides, R., García, U., Ferreira, L. M., Ferre, I., Martínez, A., Ortega-Mora, L. M., Osoro, K. (2008). Grazing behaviour and performance of lactating suckler cows, ewes and goats on partially improved heathlands. Animal 2 (12): 1818-1831.


Benavides, R., Montes, F., Rubio, A., Osoro, K. & Roig, S. (2007). Cálculo de la productividad potencial forestal a escala regional basada en un modelo biofísico en la zona montañosa del norte de España, Asturias. Cuadernos de la Sociedad Española de Ciencias Forestales 23: 127-133.


Benavides, R., Montes, F., Rubio, A. & Osoro, K. (2007). Geostatistical modelling of air temperature in mountainous region of northern Spain. Agricultural & Forest Meteorology 146: 173-188.



 Peer Reviewed Book Chapters


Valladares, F., Benavides, R., Rabasa, S., Diaz , M., Pausas, J., Paula, S. & Simonson, W. (2014)  Global change and Mediterranean forests: current impacts and potential responses (2014). In: Forests and Global Change. Eds: Coomes, D. A.; Burslem, D. F. R. P.; Simonson, W.D. Cambridge University Press.


Ferreira L.M.M, Celaya R, Benavides R, García U, Osoro K (2011). Comparison of animal performance of domestic herbivores grazing on partially improved heath lands. In: New trends for innovation in the Mediterranean animal production. Eds: Bouche R., Derkimba A., Casablanca F.; European Association of Animal Production, publ No. 129, Publisher: Wageningen Academic Publishers, The Netherlands, pp.143-147


 Reports and Theses

 Benavides, R. (2008). Knowledge and experiences for the development of sustainable silvopastoral systems in heathlands in Asturias. Doctoral Thesis. University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. ISBN: 978-84-9887-088-6.

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