Dr. Peter Hajek

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2018

Postdoctoral researcher - Department of Geobotany at the Faculty of Biology II/III, University of Freiburg

Interreg Alpine Space Project on soil conservation

Postdoctoral researcher - Agroecology Group, Department of Crop Science, University of Göttingen

Graduate assistant - Department of Plant Ecology and Ecosystems Research , University of Göttingen

PhD candidate - Department of Plant Ecology and Ecosystems Research, University of Göttingen

Research Interests

  • Forest ecology
  • Forests and climate change
  • Non-structural carbon dynamics
  • Tree hydraulics and wood anatomy
  • Tree root systems and root ecology



L Depauw, Emiel DL, E Dhiedt, H Blondeel, L Abdala-Roberts, H Auge, N Barsoum, J Bauhus, C Chu, A Damtew, N Eisenhauer, M Fagundes, G Ganade, B Gendreau-Berthiaume, D Godbold, D Gravel, J Guillemot, P Hajek, A Hector, B Hérault, H Jactel, J Koricheva, H Kreft, X Liu, S Mereu, C Messier, B Muys, C A. Nock, A Paquette, J D. Parker, W C. Parker, G B. Paterno, M P. Perring, Q Ponette, C Potvin, P B. Reich, B Rewald, M Scherer-Lorenzen, F Schnabel, R Sousa-Silva, M Weih, D C. Zemp, K Verheyen, L Baeten (2004) Enhancing tree performance through species mixing: Review of a quarter‑century of TreeDivNet experiments reveals research gaps and practical insights. Current Forestry Reports (https://doi.org/10.1007/s40725-023-00208-y)

Hajek P, Mörsdorf M, Kovach KR, Greinwald K, Rose L, Nock CA, Scherer-Lorenzen M (2023) Quantifying the influence of tree species richness on community drought resistance using drone-derived NDVI and ground-based measures of Plant Area Index and leaf chlorophyll in a young tree diversity experiment. European Journal of Forest Research (https://doi.org/10.1007/s10342-023-01615-3).

Münchinger I, Hajek P, Akdogan B, Caicoya AT, Kunert N (2023) Leaf thermal tolerance and sensitivity of temperate tree species are correlated with leaf physiological and functional drought resistance traits. Journal of Forestry Research (https://doi.org/1/s11676-022-01594-y).

Kunert N & Hajek P (2022) Shade-tolerant temperate broad-leaved trees are more sensitive to thermal stress than light-demanding species during a moderate heatwave.Trees, Forests and People 9: 100282  (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tfp.2022.100282)

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Kunert N, Hajek P, Hietz P, Morris H, Rosner S, Tholen D (2021) Summer temperatures reach the thermal tolerance threshold of photosynthetic decline in temperate conifers. Plant Biology. doi:10.1111/plb.13349

Berthelot S, Frühbrodt , Hajek P, Nock C, Dormann C, Bauhus J,  Fründ J (2021) Tree diversity reduces risk of bark beetle infestation for preferred conifer species, but increases risk for less preferred hosts. Journal of Ecology, 109: 26492661.

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Hajek P, Seidel D, Leuschner C (2015) Mechanical abrasion, and not competition for light, is the dominant canopy interaction in a temperate mixed forest. Forest Ecology and Management, 348, 108-116.

Hajek P, Leuschner C, Hertel D, Delzon S, Schuldt B (2014) Assessing the trade-offs between xylem hydraulic properties, wood anatomy and yield in Populus. Tree Physiology, 34(7), 744-756.

Hajek P, Hertel D, Leuschner C (2013) Root order- and root age-dependent response of two poplar species to belowground competition. Plant and Soil, 377(1), 337-355.

Hajek P, Hertel D, Leuschner C (2013) Intraspecific variation in root and leaf traits and leaf-root trait linkages in eight aspen demes (Populus tremula and P. tremuloides). Frontiers in Plant Science, 4, 415.



Decarsin R,  Guillemot J, Cochard H, Corso D, Delzon S, Torres-Ruiz J-M, Jactel H, Meredieu C, Mereu S, Rewald B, Hajek P, Bauhus J, Scherer-Lorenzen M, Doucet Z, Achard E, Serrano-León H, Ponette Q, Le Maire G, Martin-StPaul N (2022) Tree species diversity effects on hydraulic safety margins. 5th Xylem International Meeting, University of Würzburg

Kurjak D, Sliacka-Konôpková A, Petrik P, Hajek P, Schuldt B (2022) Xylem anatomy explains intraspecific variability of Ψ50 and d13C in European beech provenances 5th Xylem International Meeting, University of Würzburg

Williams L, Villanueva RB, Butler E, Cavender-Bares J, Couture J, Hajek P, Klama J, Kovach K, Messier C, Moradi A, Paquette A, Park M, Reich P, Rice K, Scherer-Lorenzen M, Schuman M, Stefanski A, Townsend P, Wang Z (2022) Light as a resource, stressor and cue in mediating diversity-productivity relationships in forests. Earth and Space Science Open Archive [online] URL: http://www.essoar.org/doi/10.1002/essoar.10509969.1


Helmut-Lieth-Preis für Umweltforschung 2022; Stifter: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg Köperschaftsvermögen



International Diversity Experiment Network with Trees IDENT

P-XTRACT Regionale Klärschlammverwertung mit integrierter Phosphorrückgewinnung


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