Konrad Greinwald

Doktorand/ PhD student


 Curriculum vitae

since July 2017: Ph.D. student, Department of Geobotany, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg. Research project: HILLSCAPE (HILLSlope Chronosequence And Process Evolution)

2014-2017: M.Sc. of Biology at Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg,
Main focus: Botany, Zoology, Ecology. Master Thesis: Is climate a good predictor of leaf morphology and ecophysiology of herbaceous plants?

2011-2014: B.Sc. of Biology at Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg.
Bachelor Thesis: The current distribution of silver fir (Abies alba) and European beech (Fagus sylvatica) in the nature conservation area Feldberg.


 Research Interests

  • Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
  • Alpine ecology, especially ecosystem processes in glacier forelands
  • Effects of climate on leaf morphology
  • Systematics of vascular plants and bryophytes



Current Research Projects

HILLSCAPE (HILLSlope Chronosequence And Process Evolution)

The Hillscape project focuses on the vertical and lateral redistribution of water and matter along hillslopes and how this redistribution is affected by soil, vegetation and landscape development. The overall research question of the project is: How does the hillslope feedback cycle evolve in the first 10,000 years and how is this related to the evolution of hillslope structure? In order to tackle this research question, we will select chronosequences in alpine glacier forelands and conduct artificial rainfall experiments. As a Geobotanist I am going to work at the interface of vegetation complexity and soil nutrient availability focusing on the effects of plant functional traits on hillslope functioning, and plant responses to intense rainfall.




Greinwald, K., Dieckmann, L., Schipplick, C., Hartmann, A., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Gebauer, T. (2021): Vertical root distribution and biomass allocation along proglacial chronosequences in Central Switzerland. AAAR 53 (1), pp. 20-34, DOI: 10.1080/15230430.2020.1859720.

Musso, A. Ketter, M. Greinwald, K., Geitner, C., Egli, M. (2020): Rapid decrease of soil erosion rates and vegetation development in proglacial areas. Earth Surf. Process. Landforms, 45.

Maier, F., van Meerveld, I., Greinwald, K., Gebauer, T., Lustenberger, F. Hartmann, A. Musso, A. (2019): Effects of soil and vegetation development on surface hydrological properties of moraines in the Swiss Alps. Catena, 187.

Musso, A., Lamorski, L., Slawinski, C., Geitner, C., Hunt, A., Greinwald, K. & Egli, M. (2019): Evolution of soil pores and their characteristics in a siliceous and calcareous proglacial area. - Catena, 182, 104-154.

Greinwald, K. & Ludemann, T. (2018): Die Verbreitung der Weißtanne (Abies alba Mill.) in den höchsten Lagen des Schwarzwaldes. – standort.wald 50: 71-83.


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