Dr. Peter Hajek


Curriculum Vitae

Since 2018

Postdoctoral researcher - Department of Geobotany at the Faculty of Biology II/III, University of Freiburg

Interreg Alpine Space Project on soil conservation

Postdoctoral researcher - Agroecology Group, Department of Crop Science, University of Göttingen

Graduate assistant - Department of Plant Ecology and Ecosystems Research , University of Göttingen

PhD candidate - Department of Plant Ecology and Ecosystems Research, University of Göttingen

Research Interests

  • Forest ecology
  • Root ecology
  • Tree hydraulics and wood anatomy
  • Forests under future climate change




Kunert N, Hajek P, Hietz P, Morris H, Rosner S, Tholen D (in press) Summer temperatures reach the thermal tolerance threshold of photosynthetic decline in temperate conifers. Plant Biology

Berthelot S, Frühbrodt , Hajek P, Nock C, Dormann C, Bauhus J,  Fründ J (2021) Tree diversity reduces risk of bark beetle infestation for preferred conifer species, but increases risk for less preferred hosts. Journal of Ecology, 109: 26492661.

Hajek P, Link RM, Nock C, Bauhus J, Gebauer T, Gessler A, Kovach K Messier C, Paquette A, Saurer M, Scherer-Lorenzen M, Rose L, Schuldt B (2020) Mutually inclusive mechanisms of drought-induced tree mortality. Available as PrePrint at bioRxiv.

Schuldt B, Buras A, Arend M, Vitasse Y, Beierkuhnlein C, Damm A, Gharun M, Grams T, Hauck M, Hajek P, Hartmann H, Hiltbrunner E, Hoch G, Holloway-Phillips M, Körner C, Larysch E, Lübbe T, Nelson D, Rammig A, Rigling A, Rose L, Ruehr N, Weiser F, Werner C, Wohlgemuth T, Zang C, Kahmen A (2020) A first assessment of the impact of the extreme 2018 summer drought on Central European forests. Basic and Applied Ecology, 45, 86-103.

Grass I, Meyer S, Taylor P, Foord S, Hajek P, Tscharntke T (2018) Pollination limitation despite managed honeybees in South African macadamia orchards. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 260, 11-18.

Hajek P, Kurjak D, von Wühlisch G, Delzon S, Schuldt B (2016) Intraspecific variation in wood anatomical, hydraulic and foliar traits in ten European beech provenances differing in growth yield. Frontiers in Plant Science 7, 791.

Hajek P, Seidel D, Leuschner C (2015) Mechanical abrasion, and not competition for light, is the dominant canopy interaction in a temperate mixed forest. Forest Ecology and Management, 348, 108-116.

Hajek P, Leuschner C, Hertel D, Delzon S, Schuldt B (2014) Assessing the trade-offs between xylem hydraulic properties, wood anatomy and yield in Populus. Tree Physiology, 34(7), 744-756.

Hajek P, Hertel D, Leuschner C (2013) Root order- and root age-dependent response of two poplar species to belowground competition. Plant and Soil, 377(1), 337-355.

Hajek P, Hertel D, Leuschner C (2013) Intraspecific variation in root and leaf traits and leaf-root trait linkages in eight aspen demes (Populus tremula and P. tremuloides). Frontiers in Plant Science, 4, 415.



International Diversity Experiment Network with Trees IDENT

P-XTRACT Regionale Klärschlammverwertung mit integrierter Phosphorrückgewinnung


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